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Ways to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

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Ways to Keep Your Aquarium Clean


An aquarium can be a beautiful addition to any room, with crystal clear water, colorful corals, vibrant plants and elegant fish. When that aquarium gets dirty, however, it can quickly become an eyesore with murky water, overgrown algae, floating debris and sickly fish. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep your aquarium sparkling.

  • Use a Proper Filter
    The best way to keep an aquarium clean is with a proper filter for the tank’s type and size. Opt for the best quality filter that fits in your budget, ideally one that uses mechanical, biological and chemical filtration for the best combination of cleaning. Check the filter periodically to be sure it is operating correctly, and keep it clean to maximize its efficiency.
  • Change the Water Regularly
    As water gets dirty it is less attractive and can be unhealthy for your fish. Changing 20-30 percent of the water every few weeks can help keep it clear and minimize any dirt accumulation in your tank. Let water stand for 48-72 hours before adding it to the tank, however, to be sure chemicals have evaporated and it is safer for your fish to acclimate.
  • Feed Fish Correctly
    Overfeeding your fish will leave leftover food to decay in the tank, causing algae growth and unsanitary water. Uneaten bits of food will also clog filters and clutter the gravel with debris. Feeding your fish higher quality food is a better choice, and will also minimize feces and other waste that can make the tank dirty.
  • Welcome an Algae Eater
    If your tank grows algae excessively, you can use an algae eater such as a snail or certain species of catfish to help control the accumulation. Choose the right eater for your type of algae, and make sure they adjust to the tank so they are comfortable and can help nibble your algae problems away.
  • Take Time to Clean the Tank
    A little elbow grease is essential to keep your aquarium at its cleanest. Use a scraper to remove excess algae from the glass, and vacuum the gravel when debris accumulates. Trim away dead leaves from aquatic plants, and wipe algae off props and decorations. A little work will make a big difference in your aquarium’s appearance.
  • Clean the Outside of the Tank
    The outside of an aquarium is often neglected, but dust and fingerprints can quickly obscure the surface and make the tank seem dirtier than it really is. Use streak-free cleaner to clean the glass and other surfaces periodically, but take care that no chemicals come in contact with the water or the fish could be harmed.

To keep your aquarium looking its very best, use several techniques at the same time and it will not only look better, but it will stay clean longer. With a little work, your aquarium can be a beautiful accent to any room.