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Holiday Gifts for Pets

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Holiday Gifts for Pets


Pets of all shapes, sizes, and species often become treasured members of the family, and what better way to include them in holiday celebrations than with gifts of their own? Choosing the right gift for your pet is harder than just grabbing the latest seasonal trinket, however, and it is important that all gifts for pets be appropriate and safe.

Top Holiday Gifts for Pets

Your pets will feel the excitement of any holiday when there are new visitors to greet, special holiday recipes to smell, and new activities all around. To keep that excitement going, get your pet a gift they can really enjoy, such as:

  • Toys: Toys are always top holiday gift choices, particularly items that are colored or themed to match the holiday. Puzzle-style toys can keep your pet interested as they seek out hidden treats, and any new toy will provide great stimulation to keep them happy. Be sure all toys are safe for your pet, however, including the appropriate size to avoid choking or other problems.
  • Food: From gourmet, seasonal treats to new chew bones to a special, tasty meal, food is always a great gift. Do not change your pet’s diet drastically for the holiday, however, because the gift of digestive trouble and stomach problems they may give back to you won’t be quite as welcome. Similarly, avoid giving pets human treats that may be toxic or dangerous to them.
  • Supplies: Any holiday can be a great occasion to give your pet new or upgraded supplies, such as a new leash, a new litter box or scratching post, more elaborate tunnel structures for their cage, perches for pet birds, or any other items you’ve been meaning to purchase. Even though the gifts may be more practical than fun, they will still be appreciated by a well-cared-for pet.
  • Space: Pets will feel more comfortable and at ease if they have their own space during a hectic holiday. A new, clean bed, cage, or tank is a good gift choice, or for more elaborate presents, an outdoor run, cat-patio, or play area can be a great option that the pet will enjoy long after the holiday.
  • Grooming: Good grooming is essential for a pet’s health, and it can help them look their best for a holiday. Invest in a good bath, clipping if necessary, nail trim, and other grooming essentials to help your pet feel better, and don’t forget a few holiday photos to show off their spiffiness.
  • Attire: Different types of clothes for pets are always popular holiday gifts, and practical items such as booties to help an elderly pet gain traction on a slippery floor, a rain coat for a pet that loves to be outside, a sweater or jacket for cold weather, or even a life jacket for boating pets can all be great choices to help pets enjoy different activities.

The Best Gift of All

The single best gift for a pet is your love. Even though schedules can be hectic during holidays, take the time to play with your pet, cuddle them, and otherwise let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. That gift will keep on giving as they return your affection all year round.